Our Leadership

Office of the Vice President

Chad Klaus
Vice President for University Services
Debby Foster
Deputy Vice President
Nadeem Siddiqui
Assistant Vice President of Campus Dining
Maureen McWhirter
Assistant Vice President of Finance and Technology
Chris Lentz
Director of Customer Experience and Communication
Verita Murrill
Director of Talent and Organizational Development
Eric Hamblin
Director for Campus Connections
Jeff Freedman
Director, University Services IT
Brett Lawrence
Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Joann Vega
Administrative Office Coordinator
Marielisa Glass
Administrative Office Coordinator
Bernadette Penick
Project Coordinator & Office Manager, Campus Dining
Maria Papadakis
Project Manager

Leadership Team

Lauren Belinsky
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, Campus Dining
Greg Billows
Associate Director, Residential Dining, Campus Dining
Allison Brooks
Associate Director, Trademark Licensing
Alan Bucher
Senior Associate Director of Finance, Campus Dining
David Burden
Director of Print, Mail and Trademark Licensing Services
Darcy Cotten
Manager, Digital Print Center, Print & Mail Services
Kathleen Coughlin
Associate Director, Performing Arts Services, Campus Support Services
Dominique Davis
Manager, University Services IT
David Dembek
Associate Director, Retail Operations, Campus Dining
Danielle Dennis
Talent and Organizational Development Manager
Lisa DePaul
Associate Director for Engagement, Housing and Real Estate Services
Paul Dylik
Associate Director, Graduate/Catering, Campus Dining
Kadijha Erskine-Michel
Talent & Organizational Development Manager
David Gluck
Assistant Director, Finance and Customer Service, Print and Mail Services
Dawn Gruver
Senior Manager for Faculty and Staff Housing, Housing and Real Estate Services
Kevin Guilbault
Deputy Director, Transportation and Parking Services
David Hopkins
Associate Director, AV Services, Campus Support Services
Michelle Horgan
Assistant Director for Scheduling and Event Technologies
Dorian Johnson
Executive Director, Housing and Real Estate Services
Tracy Mansour
Director of Housing Real Estate Services
Emma Marshall
Manager, Campus Card System
John Messina
Director of Operations, Campus Dining
Nikki Naidu
Director, Finance
Sandra Parisi
Director, Business Services
Donna Pilenza
Director, Residential Dining, Campus Dining
Praveen Rajasekaran
Assistant Director for Parking Operations, Transportation and Parking Services
Julie Raymond
Customer Service Center Manager
Nick Robinson
Executive Director, Campus Support Services
Angie Rooney
Associate Director, Student Housing, Occupancy Management and Systems
Dan Spotto
Business Intelligence Analyst, University Services IT
Mike Stillwagon
Associate Director, Housing Facilities and Planning
Charlie Tennyson
Executive Director, Transportation and Parking Services
Karen Vaughan
Director, Conference & Event Services
Marguerite Vera
Senior Associate Director, Venue Services, Campus Support Services
Rie Yamauchi
Associate Director, Communications
Jon Zelnick
Senior Manager for Projects, Operations & Real Estate Transactions, Housing and Real Estate Services